D&D XP Schedules

D&D XP adventures will be slotted by the new level band system; it's easier to coordinate tables if you provide levels for your characters.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Person Pre-Con Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 7 Slot 8 Slot 9 Slot 10 Slot 11 Slot 12 Post-Con
Jimmy Setup 2-6 DM NETH 4-1 DM NETH 4-2 DM NETH 4-3 DM NETH 4-1 DM NETH 4-2 WotC Special DM NETH 4-3 ?? ADCP4-1 ?? ?? ??
Amanda Setup 2-6 DM SPEC 4-1 DM SPEC 4-1 DM SPEC 4-1 DM Custom DM EPIC 4-1 DM Custom ADCP4-1 ?? ?? ??
Peter ?? Playing Strangers in the Night DM SPEC4-2 DM SPEC4-2 DM SPEC4-2 Playing WOTC Special DM AD&D Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan DM AD&D Dwellers of the Forbidden City DM SPEC4-2 DM AD&D Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan DM AD&D Dwellers of the Forbidden City 4E Journey to the Isle of Dread "In the Clutches of the Siren Queen" headed home with Holdridges ??
Mark ?? DM SPEC 4-2 DM DM WotC Special ?? ?? DM DM DM SPEC4-1 DM ??
Jennifer ?? working 5-10pm working working open working working open open open working open open ??

Big Events:
AdCo Battle Interactives (including desired character & level):

  • ??


  • Jimmy (Regret 15)
  • Amanda (Shava 16)
  • Hudson (Lotusfang's Friend 17)


Pixie Adventuring Company
I'm thinking of making a special forces style all-pixie adventuring company for the Battle Interactive. I'll work on the requirements, but it would be low paragon (APL 12).
  • Players
    • Jimmy
    • Amanda
  • Requirements
    • Special Forces theme
    • Pixie
    • Training in Stealth
  • Peter is DMing 10 slots but doesn't have a set schedule yet
  • Peter is trying to run an all-day AD&D track (Lost Tamoachan and Dwellers in the Forbidden City back-to-back)
  • Mark will be running a Feywild adventure. The DDXP site lists it as "Strangers in the Night", but I have changed the name to "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It is an adventure for level 7 characters, and I'll have pregens. I intended to run it in a style of 4E mechanics mixed with old-school RPing.